About Us

Made in the USA

Printed Paper Cups personalized for your coffee shop

Direct from our state of the art manufacturing plant in South Bend Indiana, our cups are made in the USA.

A well designed cup is a powerful messaging tool that helps raise awareness of your company. People notice an eye catching design in the hand of a customer, and this communicates that you have a presence which helps attract new customers.

We have the ability to produce small orders with short lead times, which is of great benefit to independent coffee shop owners and the companies that service them.

We offer a minimum order quantity of 1,000 cups per order,  erasing restrictions for coffee shop owners  who are often constrained by having  limited storage space and a need to rapidly changing and seasonally relevant cup designs that reflect the communities they work in.

Our online design tools & 3D preview technology are the perfect tools that ensure our customers can see exactly what their design will look like before they order.