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We are printed paper cups!

Designing a cup
is designing a relationship.

Innovation for your business.

This is the history of this beautiful company and awesome people!

CupPrint was founded in 2009 by printed paper cup entrepreneur Terry Fox. With a back ground in high-speed commercial print and packaging, he noticed something wrong with way the printed paper cup industry operated – a mismatch between the cup industry equipment and the market it served.

This type of equipment served very large chains in the most economical way. But when it came to the majority of the market, which is made up of independent cafe’s and small chains, there were too many barriers to enter the branded cup game.

The standard high-volume runs and long lead times didn’t suit these smaller busineses. CupPrint set out to solve these problems with the latest technologies, never-before-used in this industry.

Considering the previous ventures I’ve been involved in, which deal in high quality print packaging in the fastest delivery times, printed cups has been the most rewarding. We feel we genuinely solved a huge market problem and customers love what we do” Terry Fox

  • 2009 Terry Fox starts new printed paper cups venture in Ireland.

  • 2010 CupPrint sets up European Sales office in Germany

  • 2014 CupPrint and Terry Fox win EY Entreprenuer of the Year in the Emerging Category.

  • 2016 CupPrint set up a new US plant in South Bend, Indiana.

  • 2016 CupPrint win ‘Best New Product‘ at SCAA tradeshow in Atlanta

  • 2017 Cupprint produce their 750-millionth cup

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Our Mission

Bring custom printed paper cups
to everyone

CupPrint’s business model is more about technology, customer service and fast delivery, rather than mass volume production that’s only economical at scale. Being located in the heart of the US surrounded by a skilled workforce is essential for sustainability and success.

Made in USA

Direct from our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in South Bend, Indiana, our printed cups are truly made in the USA.

The plant’s part of the redevelopment of Downtown South Bend, Indiana, in a project known as the Renaissance District that’s redefining this part of the Rust Belt region. At the heart of this rejuvenation is the former Studebaker plant that’s being redeveloped into a mixed-use technology campus for the next generation of innovators to call home. CupPrint’s proud to be part of this project bringing much needed manufacturing jobs back to the Upper Mid West

We are paper cups!

We have a printed paper cup for every occasion. For coffee, cold drinks, ice cream and snacks. We’ve got you covered.

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Double Wall Cup

Double Wall

Double Wall Insulated Cups

Ideal for Hot Drinks. Get rid of those annoying sleeves with an extra insulated printed paper cup.

Single Wall Cup

Single Wall

Single Wall Cups

Ideal for Hot or Cold drinks. Printed on heavy dual purpose cup material, single-wall printed paper cups can handle anything.

Ice Cream Cup

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cups

Ideal for snacks and ice-cream.

Have you customers chill outside in the sun with our all purpose tubs.

Cups Produced
Designs Produced
Happy Customers

The CupPrint Team

Todd Hoogland
Todd HooglandPresident Cupprint US
Notre Dame Graduate – Master of Science (M.S.), Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship
“As Cupprint’s first man on the ground in the US, it is amazing to see a fully functioning paper cup manufacturing plant come together so quickly and ready for the US market, glad to to be part of it”
Terry Fox
Terry FoxFounder & CEO
20 years in 24-hr., on-demand commercial and digital printing.
Ernst & Young’s 2014 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

“After proving our concept a huge success the European markets, I’m glad to be now be based in US creating manufacturing jobs here and giving the paper cup market what it really needs”

Chris Stevens
Chris StevensInvestor, Board Member
Former Vice President of Keurig Coffee and part of original team that helped Keurig grow to a $5 billion company.
“Really exited to be part of CupPrint’s US team. This is great product with far-reaching potential.”

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

Our promise to customers

Innovation for your business.

In a study carried out by the Dortmund Institute for Marketing Consulting, a branded paper cup was proven to create up to 34 new contacts for your business. 70% of people can actually can recall and describe the branding on the cup long after. No wonder large coffee chains have branded cups.

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