2018 Summer News Round-Up


Here's some things to "sip" on this summer! A recent study found that, in mice, caffeine not only helps boost cells' energy, but also works to repair damage - proving once again that there really is no substitute for coffee. As for what to pair with your coffee, try this coffee cake featured in the [...]

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Late Spring News Round-Up


Warmer days make for colder coffee. Spring is in full swing. Longer days, higher temps, and all the cold coffee recipes you could need. Everything from Nutella iced coffee to Irish coffee granita. Can we get a "yum!"? Whip up these recipes in your own home or become a fully-trained barista! And of course hotter [...]

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Early Spring 2018 Coffee News Round-up


As we head into spring and wrap up winter, we see more and more companies embracing sustainable practices, particularly when it comes to plastic. We’ve got some major companies moving toward more eco-friendly initiatives. As an eco-friendly branded takeaway cup company, we love to see others caring for the earth. Dunkin Donuts recently announced that [...]

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Sustainable Custom Printed Paper Cups


How CupPrint Became a Pioneer in Sustainable Custom Printed Paper Cup Practice CupPrint values eco-friendly initiatives – both in our processes and in our product. To-go paper coffee cups have been big news, especially if they're not truly recyclable. Future-ready and focused on doing our part in bringing sustainability to an industry that needs more [...]

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Braille Printed Paper Cup – Bringing Light into Darkness


We believe that this is the first and only ever Braille printed paper cup in the world. This one was especially printed for a German Museum in Münster called "LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte" Some Marketing Light into Darkness It was for the exhibition ‘Leben in der Dunkelheit’.  ‘Living in the darkness’ In the spirit of inclusivity, [...]

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Printed Paper Coffee Cup Printing FAQs


Each day we're asked a lot of questions about printed paper coffee cups! From our unique paper cup printing processes and possibilities (there are very few limitations!) to recycling, safety, quality and more. Here's a selection of questions and answers on the most-asked paper cup printing topics. (Update for 2019) What styles and [...]

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Double Wall Paper Cups – Which Finish is Best?


Double wall paper cups have a wide range of finishing and printing options thanks to the opportunities the outer wall presents. Below’s an overview of what finishes work best for a variety of purposes. But first let’s look at the anatomy of your double wall paper cups. Double Wall Paper Cup Construction To keep your [...]

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Paper Cup Design the Easy Way


Getting a paper cups design right can be a headache. Most small coffee shops and bakeries don't have access to  - or cannot afford - skilled designers to produce artwork that will give customers a great wow factor experience. Paper Cups Design - Standing Out from the Crowd And of course the cup needs to [...]

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